3 Easter Poems

by Ross Bentley

Sonnet of the Cross

What causes God to want to die for man?

What moves Him to such passionate display?

That Christ Himself would orchestrate this plan?

That He'd endure the darkness of this day?

And who are we to warrant this kind grace?

Why should He show us any love at all?

Humanity who just spit in his face

His lowly creatures suddenly so tall

They stand o'er Him with clenched fists in rage

'Who hit you, Christ?!' they shout in mocking tones

And strike the whip across his bare rib cage

Thus ripping tender flesh off of His bones

With mad vengeance we nailed Him to that Tree

Incomparable Love's own destiny 

Silent Saturday

A dark despair has overtaken me

I've lost all valid reason to go on

I'm in a place I thought I'd never be

I simply can't believe the Master's gone.

He talked of Kingdom turning over kings

I had such promise built up in my mind

I didn't understand so many things

And in a darkened haze they're left behind

We argued who was greater, who was best

We spoke of things with such an arrogance

We thought that we were better than the rest

He cautioned us to serve when giv'n the chance

He said he'd suffer and that trials would come

He warned us we were drawing near the end

That we who loved Him would deny and run

Betrayers kiss his cheek and call Him 'friend'

Oh run I did until I could no more

And crumbled weeping, gasping for a breath

I rose and made my way back to my Lord

And watched in horror Him succumb to death

I can't stop thinking 'bout the loaves and fish

And treasures lost and found and sons restored

Was all of this to dissipate like mist?

Just dashing all my trust, and nothing more?

This dark despair may be my only friend

As I consider what is left for me

Where once a way now only lies an end

Then hopeful joy now faithless misery 

Hope Springs

Out of the darkest night this world has known

While souls resigned to sleep eternally

The seed of Life the Godhead previous sown

Has sprouted to a new reality

For Love had come to show a better way

And humbly Man's methods to defy

But soon enough His kindness we'd betray

And vi'lently demand Him crucified

He silently endured blasphemous calls

Man's blinding hatred swearing death's decree

He took upon Himself the sin of all

And bore those scars through death upon a tree

He plunged into Death's darkest catacombs

Securing for those gone a sweet release

And surfacing from far beneath the tombs

His pierced hand was clutching Hades' keys

The Son dispels all shadows on this morn

Where once we cowered in mortality

And Darkness' grip is vanquished by the Dawn

And Death is swallowed up in victory