Mission - Create Disciples. Advance the Kingdom.

Vision - THat Christ's kingdom come & will be done In Peoria as it is in Heaven


We are starting with the prayer that God would give us a love and conviction to reach our city for Him. In early 2012, Copper Hills Church confronted Gavin and Kendall Linderman to foster and help develop their desire to reach who we call the “unlikelies” (those that are unlikely to be in the church). May of 2012, Gavin and Kendall, along with their Core Team, were blessed to go and live out this mission through Axiom Church. We are a part of the Anabaptist tradition of the Mennonite Brethren. As a collective, we partner as ONE FAMILY to serve ONE LORD on ONE MISSION, for the transformation of individuals, families and communities.


Axiom - Means Self evident Truth. We desire for our love for jesus and each other to be so obvious that it is "self evident" we are followers of Christ.

Anabaptist - the Anabaptist TRADITION STARTED in the 1500's AS Christians who believeD in delaying baptism until the candidate confesseD his or her faith in Christ, as opposed to being baptized as an infant, "Ana" meaning Twice, baptized. Not everyone at axiom would consider themselves anabaptist and are not expected to. This is simply the tradition that axiom church was founded in as the leader's hearts align with the heart and values of this tradition, A major emphasis being "Peace making".

Mennonite Brethren - the Mennonite Brethren is the sect within the Anabaptist tradition in which Axiom Church is a part of and was planted from. Click here for more detailed information on the MB!

Unlikely - You may hear us use the term "unlikely" referring to our hearts for people who we would not "likely" find in the Christian communities. We say this because many of us at Axiom would consider ourselves unlikely. These are musicians, artists, baristas, bartenders, seekers, sojourners, spiritually homeless...you name it! We believe Jesus so desires the church to be a place for those who don't feel like they fit in to a "neat" and "perfect" community. Our heart longs to change that mentality! We do this by stating you can belong before you believe at axiom church. Jesus did this and so we want to as well!

Pioneer - We believe life in the Kingdom of God calls us into new territory, new opportunities and high-risk compassion! This means we need to be willing to go into uncharted, uncomfortable, unwitnessed places in the name of Jesus to be lights and vessels of mercy and love. This is our identity at Axiom.