Personal Revelation by Gavin Linderman

It is good and wise from time to time to take note of the revelations that God has helped you see and piece together. This is not an exhaustive list, nor does it reflect the totality of the greater truth, my experience with God, or His revelations. It is simply a survey of epiphany in short form. I will make my best attempt to place these in chronological order and only list some majors as there are many minors that are far more personal.  The beauty that I wish to note in advance of this, “List,” is how obvious these have become. That is, I believe, the beautiful nature of God-speak. Thankfully, The hearing ear and the seeing eye-- the LORD made them both.” (Proverbs 20:12)

1) “Seek and You Shall find,” does not mean when you find, stop seeking.

    Our appetite for endings should never outweigh further exploration. Our remedial culture and childhood games, God is certainly amongst and within, but also beyond the hide and seek.  “Permission to land,” so to speak, should only be granted on the 7th day or when its time to feast. Therefor, we become increasingly weary of the inflated life or any spirit of arrival. Such folk don’t need to wear shoes.  I would rather be lost and thirsty than in the illusion of foundness without need for living water. (Luke 11:9


2) “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands,”- really He does. 

    We sing it, but we do not believe it. At some point early on, I started singing this again.  It was given back to me amongst a glimpse of my own ornery spirit, unsettled by my lust for worry while the trees danced on in the storm. Concern and struggle always say they long for peace, but what they really love is more worry and less dancing. (John 14:27)


3) The Kingdom of God is already NOT yet

    Notice the NOT. For some time, I was always drawn to the mystery of the, “Yet,” and missed the, “NOT.” I loved to think about what would be one day, and never enjoyed what was, “Already.” The Kingdom of God is already. Say it out loud. The part that is, “Not yet,” does not have a place in the now, does it? Let us focus on the now, not the yet.  (Luke 17:20-21)


4) Truth is Truth

     Far too much of my focus and energy has been caught up in reserving the truth. An odd thing now, but it once was normative. I was concerned about, “Compromising the truth.” Is such a thing even possible? Certainly, there are half truths and lies, but truth has never spent a day compromised, or so Jesus tells me. Truth is truth no matter what, and no matter where you find it. (Philippians 4:8


5) My Bride is beautiful, not ugly. 

     You can tell if you are loved. Words are not the way we judge qualitative love. Instead, it is sensed in how we are cared for and how we place others appropriately in our attention and care. Jesus is masterful in his capacity to see the beauty in you, His bride. He does not find it ugly, and so we must see His bride as he sees it.  Catch your fire when it seeks to steel your capacity to see what Jesus sees as beautiful. Take care of your treasures and look for them in others too.  (1 John 3:18